• Free phone calls in HaloNet
    In HaloNet VoIP service you can call for free any HaloNet user with a phone number.
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  • Cheap international calls
    HaloNet offers you to make cheap international calls with very low prices, starting from 0.04 zl per minute with one second increment from the first minute of the call. More »

  • No contract and no limits
    You do not pay any contract or extra payments if you use the prepaid service. More »

  • Telephone number for 1 PLN
    HaloNet allows you to buy your own telephone number for 1 PLN incl. VAT (depending on the telephone area code) and use it for a year. All 49 Polish area codes are available and you can change your number from any of them. More »

  • Virtual Branch Exchange - iPBX
    The virtual branch exchange allows you to create a professional telephone system to use in business environment. Announcements, call forwarding, queuing and other useful options, including the self-service secretary´s office – this is all you can introduce to your company with no need of buying branch exchange equipment. More »

  • Teleconferences
    HaloNet teleconference system enables to make group phone conversations (teleconferences) of up to 30 people that are in different parts of the world at the same time. More »

  • Dial-up
    Dial-up service allows you to make calls via HaloNet from a simple phone (also, a mobile phone) without Internet network. More »

  • Call forwarding
    Free call forwarding service allows you to forward a call to another phone number, chosen by you. More »

  • Voicemail
    Free voicemail service works just like an automatic secretary that allows the person who calls to leave the message. More »

  • Internet fax service
    Internet fax service gives you the opportunity to send (Web2Fax) and receive (Fax2Email) faxes in an easy, electronic way. You do not have to use any external device. More »

  • SMS Service
    By using our SMS service you can send SMS to national and international mobile phones. More »

  • HaloLink service
    HaloLink service gives you the opportunity to make a cheap call by using a simple landline or mobile phone, without the Internet connection (in case you only use the traditional provider, e.g. TPSA in Poland.) More »

  • Telephone book
    Telephone book allows you to save the numbers you use very often in the shortened way (three digits). More »

  • Easy payment options
    In case of the prepaid option, HaloNet VoIP service provides some easy ways of recharging your phone account: wire transfer, bank transfer, credit card. More »

  • Online billing software
    In HaloNet VoIP service you have an access to a detailed call list and you can check the duration and the price of your calls. More »

  • Limit for more expensive calls
    In HaloNet we look after your money and safety. You can decide how much you want to pay for your calls. More »

  • Blocking unwanted incoming calls
    Blocking unwanted incoming calls is a free service and it allows you to block certain incoming calls, including anonymous numbers. More »

  • Emergency telephone number
    You can call emergency numbers in HaloNet service. Do not forget to activate the option! More »