HaloNet teleconference - a group phone conversation with no limits

HaloNet teleconference system enables to make group phone conversations (teleconferences) of up to 30 people that are in different parts of the world at the same time.

How to set up a teleconference?
A teleconference can be set up through the phone and realized during the call. It can also be reserved through a form available in this section or in the HaloNet account panel and realized later in time.

How to reserve a teleconference?
A teleconference room (a virtual room where the teleconference takes place) can be reserved even 30 days before and can be used during 14 days* (in this period of time you can make one or more teleconferences; for that you need the access data.) The room reservation is free of charge.

* Applies to: teleconferences set up through the HaloNet account.

How to make a teleconference?
To participate in a reserved conference, you need to call the access number 22 350 09 08 or 908 (only for those who call using HaloNet number) in the appointed time. Then you need to introduce the access data (teleconference number and PIN number) you got during the reservation and enter the teleconference room.

In HaloNet for free!
The teleconferences between HaloNet users are free of charge! Non-HaloNet users pay for calling the access number according to the price list of their operator (as if it was a landline call.)

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