Virtual Branch Exchange - iPBX
The virtual branch exchange allows you to create a professional telephone system to use in business environment. Announcements, call forwarding, queuing and other useful options, including the self-service secretary´s office –this is all you can introduce to your company with no need of buying branch exchange equipment. You will be able to fasten together various locations (e.g. in different cities), rooms or people (including the teleworkers) and create one unified circulation, where the telephone conversations will circulate without the necessity of disconnecting them.

Can I afford the HaloNet virtual branch exchange?
YES! The price of the virtual branch exchange for maximum 8 numbers is from 19 zł (VAT is not included) per month onwards.

Do quality and low price go together?
YES! The Tartel Sp. z o.o. company ensures the quality. Tartel Sp. z o.o. is an operator of HaloNet VoIP service –this company has been available on the market for 11 years already. In 2011, Tartel Sp. z o.o. , took third place in comparison with other operators, regarding the number of users of VoIP service in Poland*.

Will I be able to use the HaloNet virtual branch exchange?
YES! You do not need any technical knowledge of IT, because the HaloNet employers are responsible for putting it into practice and for its maintenance.

Why should I buy the HaloNet virtual branch exchange? What does it contribute to my company?
Get to know the components and options of the virtual branch exchange.

The virtual branch exchange (iPBX) is an application solution that provides many possibilities and it is incomparably bigger than the traditional and expensive device solution (PBX). It is a comfort for small companies, natural persons and big companies or CallCenters.

The HaloNet's offer has three basic products: iPBX8, iPBX16 and iPBX32 that are designed for maximum 8, 16 and 32 telephone stands respectively. The last version can be freely enlarged to other tens of stands, e.g. iPBX32 + 10x20 for 232 stands.

* This data comes from the "Report on the telecommunications market in Poland in 2011", by the Office of Electronic Communications that refers to the operators providing services with the use of access networks of others.