• Cheap international calls
    HaloNet offers you to make cheap international calls with very low prices, starting from 0.04 PLN per minute with one second increment from the first minute of the call.

    Price incl. VAT with one second increment:
    0.00 PLN - HaloNet, whole world
    0.07 PLN - landline telephones, Poland
    0.18 PLN - mobile phones, Poland (Orange, Play, Plus, T-Mobile and others)
    from 0.04 PLN - international calls

    If you have been using the conventional telephone operator, e.g. TP S.A. until now, we guarantee that your phone bills will be reduced even by 30%. Check our rates. You can also set a limit for your more expensive calls. This service is free of charge and can be turned off by signing in and choosing "Phone accounts" button, and then "Rates limit".

    Test for free: 5 minutes FREE credit.