Telephone Numbers

Phone number price (1 year):

1 PLN (incl. VAT) → first number
19,90 PLN (incl. VAT) → other numbers or fax number

All 49 Polish area codes are available

Calling rates to HaloNet number:

0 PLN (incl. VAT) → using HaloNet VoIP service

the same as for the calls to the regular landline number (e.g. TPSA), in accordance with each operator data - other operator systems

The calling rate does not increase if you call any HaloNet user abroad. The only thing they need is an Internet connection. Any call they receive (e.g. from Poland) costs the same as calling any regular landline number in Poland.

How to purchase your number?

Step 1
Sign in to your account.
Click here to create an account if you do not have one.

Step 2
Choose from the menu: Phone numbers -> Buy a phone number

Step 3
Choose the type of the number (telephone or fax), then your phone area code and finally your own number.
To purchase a number you need to have enough money on your account, that means at least 1 PLN (first number) or 19.90 PLN (more numbers) according to the rates. Click here to find information about how to recharge your account.

Caller Line Identity Presentation (CLIP)

After purchasing the number, the Caller Line Identity Presentation service is automatically turned on and free of charge. In order to turn off the presentation, sign in to your account and choose "Phone accounts". By clicking on CLIP service you can turn off the presentation or select a number to be presented.

Emergency phone numbers

In HaloNet you can use the emergency phone numbers but first you need to activate this option.

Check how to activate emergency phone numbers.

List of emergency phone numbers:

112 - Emergency phone number
999 - Ambulance
997 - Police
998 - Fire Department
994 - Water supply system emergency
993 - Heating emergency
992 - Natural gas/LPG emergencies
991 - Electricity emergency
985 - Mountain rescue/ Lifeboat emergency service
986 - Municipal Police
987 - Information and coordination phone number for province government administration, in case of crisis