• Emergency telephone number
    You can call emergency numbers in HaloNet service. To use emergency telephone numbers service, you have to activate it!

    Attention! This service does not work if not activated.

    Step 1
    Sign in to your account »
    If you do not have your account, you can register by clicking here

    Step 2
    Choose "Phone accounts" button from the menu.

    Step 3
    For each phone account available in the list of services choose "Emergency" and press "blank" (by default) or the location chosen before (if you want to change it).

    Step 4

    Select the nearest city or municipality to your VoIP equipment (VoIP phone adapter, IP phone, computer softphone.) Pay attention to a district name (if it is the same as your city name, you have to choose the district name.) The districts of the cities are omitted (e.g. for Ursynow and Bemowo you must select Warsaw.)

    Attention! For your safety, if you change your domicile, you must update your "Emergency" location to the nearest one. (If you do not do so, you will connect to the emergency service of your previous domicile.)

    In order to avoid abusive calls, all the conversations are recorded.

    List of emergency phone numbers:

    112 - Emergency phone number
    999 - Ambulance
    997 - Police
    998 - Fire Department
    994 - Water supply system emergency
    993 - Heating emergency
    992 - Natural gas/LPG emergencies
    991 - Electricity emergency
    985 - Mountain rescue/ Lifeboat emergency service
    986 - Municipal Police
    987 - Information and coordination phone number for province government administration, in case of crisis