• Voicemail
    Free voicemail service works just like an automatic secretary that allows the person who calls to leave the message. The only thing you need to do is to change settings in your HaloNet account.

    How to activate and set up your voicemail:

    1. Sign in to your HaloNet account, choose "Phone numbers" and then change settings in "Voicemail" for the number you chose.

    2. Set up your voicemail:
    - when your phone number is busy
    - when you are not signed in to HaloNet system
    - when you are unable to answer it during some time (5 - 40 seconds)
    - always use a voicemail.

    3. Set a password for your voicemail.

    4. You can select the option of receiving notifications to your email about new voicemail. You can also select the option to receive voicemail directly to your email (wav file.)

    5. Call 22 247 27 07 to listen to your voicemail (free call in HaloNet service.) All you have to do is to enter your voicemail number (your phone number in HaloNet service) and a password.