• Fax2Email
    Fax2Email gives you the opportunity to receive faxes by the given email.

    How to receive a fax?

    Buy a fax number
    In order to receive faxes, you must buy a fax number in HaloNet. The price of this number is 19.90 zł incl. VAT / year (see HaloNet rates). If you want to purchase a number, sign in to your account (click here to create an account if you do not have one) and choose "Phone numbers" >> "Buy a number."

    Receive files with faxes via email
    You will receive faxes in your email in TIFF or PDF file format. In the account panel you can set up/change the graphic format and the email address on which you will receive them. For this purpose, click on "Phone numbers" and then introduce the necessary changes in "Received faxes options."

    If you have the HaloNet fax number, you can receive hundreds of faxes for free! The information about the faxes you sent and received is available after clicking on "Send fax", and then "Fax History" (the link will be available under the "Send fax" option.)