• Internet fax service
    Internet fax service gives you the opportunity to send (Web2Fax) and receive (Fax2Email) faxes in an easy, electronic way. You do not have to use any external device.

    The option of sending faxes in a simple way is available with no additional charges (without the need of buying a new fax number).
    The price of sending a fax depends on duration of the call to the fax number. Usually, it is between 0.05 and 0.14 PLN incl. VAT.

    To receive faxes and/or send them using the enhanced functionalities, you should buy a fax number in HaloNet for 19.90 PLN incl. VAT per year.

    If you already have the fax number, you can receive hundreds of faxes for free and enjoy additional options (sending faxes in bulk, personal heading and id, sending faxes to target phone numbers with extension numbers and others.)

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