• HaloLink service
    HaloLink service gives you the opportunity to make a cheap call by using a simple landline or mobile phone, without the Internet connection (in case you only use the traditional provider, e.g. TPSA in Poland.) The connection is established directly between the two numbers. The calling rate is reduced from the HaloNet account.

    How to use the HaloLink service?

    1. Introduce "Your number" and "Target number". The call will be realized between these two numbers (any landlines or GSM, local or international);

    2. Choose the HaloNet account that will be charged for calls;

    3. Press "Call!";

    4. Your telephone will ring - pick up the phone and then wait for a connection with the target number.

    What is the call rate?

    You can check the call rate by introducing "Your number" and "Target number", and then by clicking on "Check call rate".