• Dial up
    Dial-up service allows you to make calls via HaloNet from a simple phone (also, a mobile phone) without Internet network. After connecting to an access number, you can make calls with no limits.

    How to activate and set the Dial-up service:

    1. Sign in to your account, choose "Phone accounts" and then "Dial-up."

    2. Introduce the number you will use to call. You can introduce either your landline or mobile phone number. You can add more numbers.

    3. Dial + 48 22 247 27 27 from the phone you introduced (you will hear "Please, dial the target phone number followed by the pound sign".)

    4. Dial the target phone number and press #

    Total calling rate is a sum of:
    - calling rate to the HaloNet access number (simple landline) in accordance with your network operator's rates;
    - calling rate to an access number in accordance with HaloNet rates.