More for more

The more you recharge, the more free minutes you get:

recharge from 25 to 49 PLN to get 5 free minutes*
recharge from 50 to 99 PLN to get 15 free minutes*
recharge from 100 to 199 PLN to get 45 free minutes*
recharge from 200 PLN to get 120 free minutes*

To receive free minutes you must make a payment:

Account number (Nest Bank SA):
24 2530 0008 2007 1071 0811 0003

Tartel Sp. z o.o.
ul. Kozielska 18
44-100 Gliwice

Deposit title:
(your account name)

*Free minutes can be used for landline calls in Poland and in those countries where the calling rate is 0.07 PLN incl.VAT per minute. In case of more expensive or cheaper calls, the number of minutes decreases or increases accordingly. The prices are fixed in the Rates.

Promotional period: until further notice.

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