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Do you want to get hours of calls for free?

Recommend our service and ask your friends to fill in the form with your account name:

Recommend our service and get 60 free minutes
Recommend* our service to your friends. You get extra 60 minutes for landline calls in Poland** for each friend of yours who creates an account and recharges it with at least 10 PLN. They need to fill in the form giving your account name in the appropriate field! In accordance to Terms of Use, the invited person cannot give their own account name.
Click on the recommendation link :

5 free minutes for each 10 PLN
That´s not only it! For each friend who recharges the account with 10 PLN, you get 5 free minutes for landline calls in Poland **. You can get even 250 and more free minutes each month!

See an example:

Check your Account Balance
You can check the statistics of the "Call for free" Promotion regarding your account in the administrative panel. Sign in to your account and click "Call for free" to check the amount of money your friends deposit in their accounts and the money you receive by way of their payments (you can find the "Call for free" link in the side menu.)

*f you recommend our service, it means you take part in the "Call for free" Promotion and you are acquainted and agree with the Terms of Use of this Promotion.
**In case of more expensive or cheaper calls, the number of minutes decreases or increases accordingly..The prices are fixed in the Price List.

See the Terms of Use for this Promotion (PDF file)

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