How to configure VoIP equipment?

In general, each VoIP device needs to operate with SIP protocol in order to work with our service.

Presented below is a configuration of VoIP equipment, tested in our company.

VoIP phone adapter and router

VoIP phone adapter allows you to connect your standard analog telephone to IP network.
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IP phone

IP phone is a device connected directly to the Internet.
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Manual configuration data

Please pay attention when filling in the phone account name and password (by default, it is the same as the account name). Attention! Your account name and password do not have to be the same as your phone account name and password. In order to change the password to the phone account or to add a new phone account, sign in to your account and go to "Phone accounts".

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Configure VoIP softphone

A softphone is a program that you can install on your computer or laptop in order to make low cost calls.
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Mobile phone

Almost all the modern mobile phones have the option of low cost Internet connection.
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